Sala Situacional, distrito de Salud en Senahú

Trece Aguas Foundation participated in the Network of Cooperating Actors, in favor of education to establish the following objectives: • Organization of the departmental meeting with municipal authorities. • Generate spaces for dialogue, exchange and reflection on coope

Multilevel Coordinated Management 

Trece Aguas Foundation participated in the Network of Cooperating Actors, in favor of education to establish the following objectives: • Organization of the departmental meeting with municipal authorities. • Generate spaces for dialogue, exchange and reflection on coope

Monitoring of 14 young people with scholarships from INTECAP

A meeting of parents and young people from neighboring communities was held to follow up on the allocation of scholarships for technical professions such as bakery, electrician, home care, automotive and motorcycle mechanic in Cobán, Alta Verapaz. With these activities, we seek to motivate young people

Domestic Cistern Project

During December 2023, water tanks were delivered to 18 families in the Canguachá Community, as the first phase of the execution of the 2023-2024 project. During the next few months, complementary materials for the construction of the project will be delivered to each of the homes.

Entrepreneurs make soaps

Fundación Trece Aguas, together with INTECAP, carried out a short course on soap making based on cleaning products. There were 19 participants; 17 women and 2 men from the communities of Chacchila I, II and Secacucub, Senahú. The course lasted 40 hours and during

School renovation

166 students and four teachers benefited through the perimeter circulation of the La Reforma Setzutzabal School, in which Fundación Trece Aguas provided part of the materials and qualified labor. Through this project we seek to provide greater security and privacy to users.

Tuto Libraries for more children 

With the aim of strengthening literacy in schools, 283 children and six teachers in the schools of Santa Elena Secacao, Chacchila II and Los Luchadores de San Esteban, Alta Verapaz, have benefited from the installation of a Tuto Library in each establishment . With this activity

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Course

The short basic maintenance course was carried out of motorcycles with INTECAP. It was counted on participation of 10 young people from the communities neighbors. The course lasted 40 hours and During it, basic service was provided to 20 motorcycles for both Group employees

Educational tours in schools

Foundation Trece Aguas visited 200 children and 32 teachers from 6 schools to give a talk on the generation of energy with renewable resources, Each child was given a backpack with educational play material, with illustrations and activities practices on the operation of a h

Bakery Entrepreneurship

Mrs. Olga Marina Sacul Maquin of 31 years, of the New Seamay Community, then to take the 40-hour baking course basic, she started with her business bakery. We congratulate Doña Olga Marina for this venture and we wish you many successes. It will serve as a document

Supervisors meeting

Focused on strengthening the capacities of the personnel of Educational Supervision in technical pedagogical processes, administrative and teamwork, through communication channels; the meeting took place supervisors of the Alta Verapaz strip, directed by the Departmental Address

Capacitación de Productores Agrícolas

To contribute to strengthening the capacities of agricultural producers in attention, the technical field team of Fundación Trece Aguas received training on the IFA Standard Update Version 6, on plants, fruits and vegetables, GLOBAL G.A.P. Certifier.

Entrenamiento de enfermería 

Representatives of the health area of ​​Alta Verapaz in conjunction with Fundación Trece Aguas, carried out the second training aimed at personnel from the first and second level of health care in the municipality of Senahú, Alta Verapaz.

Basic bakery course

A group of 15 participants made up of 13 women and two men received a training workshop on the basic bakery course.

Better Families Graduation

On June 12, the Better Families program was carried out, which lasted 18 months, and included: Training of women, monitoring of the nutritional status of children under 5 years of age...

Dental Day Trip

During 13 days a dental day trip was made in which mainly children participated.

Smoke Free Kitchen

Delivery of an efficient stove and water purifying filter and materials for the Smoke-Free Kitchen Project. 106 families from Senahú have benefited.

Shortening the Path for Water

Delivery of cisterns and materials for the Project Shortening the Path for Water. 276 families from Senahú benefited.

Jornada médicas – CAP –

During the first trimester of the year, twelve medical days have been held in conjunction with the Permanent Care Center -CAP-

Capacitación a Comadronas

In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, fifteen Midwives and Male Midwives were trained through the Permanent Care Center.

Capacitación a padres y directores

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Parents and Principals’ Organization of 19 schools was trained in March in Senahú.

Donation of school supplies

Thanks to Grupo Transmares and its staff, children from five schools will start the school year with school supplies.

Better schools, better future

The objective of this program is to provide spaces worthy of study to motivate and encourage learning in children.

Jornadas médicas en conjunto

More than 9,765 patients treated during the year 2022 in the medical missions in partnership with the Permanent Care Center - CAP -

Getting empowered for the future

It is a training project for job placement of young people from rural communities in Senahú.

Capacitación a productores

In November, the training program for rubber and cardamom producers began.

Capacitación a Padres de Familia

Training for the strengthening and leadership of Parents' Organizations - OPF - in the rural schools of Senahú.

Library Installation

With the support of the Bibliotecas a Tuto Project, eight school libraries for elementary school children have been installed.

Great Medical Mission 2022

In conjunction with Utah Medical Outreach, from October 24 to 26, the fourth Medical Mission was held to benefit the families of the Senahú communities.

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