Changing the future of twenty-four communities

More people are part of a strong community that fights for a better future.

+597 women trained and 367 children cared for

Women and children from fourteen communities have been trained through the Better Families program.

+825 hours of training to teachers

77 teachers and principals have been trained in better techniques for teaching reading, writing and mathematics, according to the National Base Curriculum.

Primary care and emergency ambulance transfers 

More than 42,359 patients attended.

+300 people

More than 309 people benefited from training in technical and agricultural specialties, and job orientation.

22 schools equipped and renovated

More than 9,900 students and 279 teachers benefited from school renovation projects.


Genaro Laj Maá

As a student at the Beekeeping School, I know that this project will provide us with an income that will help us support our families. We’re learning about bee management and we even have our own suits now. Thank you very much, Fundación Trece Aguas, for remembering us.


Norma Consuelo Pop Tiul

As a participant of the Beekeeping School, I am very grateful for the support we’re receiving from Fundación Trece Aguas. With this project we have the opportunity to learn. Selling the honey will allow us to buy other foods for our families.


Nery Estuardo Chub

Today we realize that you take care of nature and as a young person I am motivated to advise the people of my community, together we can plant trees and thus conserve the environment.

Projects worked in partnership
with other organizations

Shortening the way through the water

In partnership with the German Embassy in Guatemala, we have executed three "Rainwater Collection Systems" projects in five communities benefiting 263 families.

Smoke free kitchen

We work through alliances and mutual responsibility with the Helps International organization, involving the community for the sustainability of the project.

We install efficient stoves and water purifying filters. We have installed 190 stove and filter combos to date in seven communities.

Medical Missions 

Medical assistance and surgeries during medical days with professionals from Utah, United States.

Every three years the Great Triennial Medical Day is organized and conducted. 

To date we have carried out 4 medical conferences impacting further of 4,500 people.

Empowered women, healthy families

This program was developed by Fundazucar, which is implemented with women as the center and catalyst of development, their family and community. Behavior change and empowerment are encouraged, impacting the four pillars of Nutritional Food Security.

Over 500 women and 300 children have benefited from this program to date.

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Proyecto Aljibes

Access to water at home

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