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Fundación Trece Aguas supports the Health Center with supplies and equipment for COVID-19

Convinced that it is essential to unite as members of the same community and recognizing the need to prevent and address the crisis of COVID-19 in Senahú, Fundación Trece Aguas donates personal protective equipment and supplies to the Health Center. The donated materials are: KN95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, medical gowns, face shields, hand sanitizer, patient beds, sheets and pillows, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, manometers, thermometers.

These materials and equipment will especially help people who are treating possible cases of COVID-19 and doing prevention work in the communities.

To all health workers, volunteers, and others who are working for the well-being of Senahú families, we thank you and acknowledge all of your work and effort during these difficult times.

Fundación 13 Aguas, as a member of the community, contributes to this shared task and calls for solidarity to all people so that we work together, trusting that we will overcome this adversity, like many others, working together.

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